Helping Veterans with PTSD access healing retreat programs.

ptsd has killed more soldiers by suicide in the U.s. than were killed in war since 9/11.

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Heroic Hearts Project is a nonprofit organization that helps veterans with PTSD to access coaching, group retreat programs in Peru and Mexico, and ongoing peer support.  Fewer than 10% of veterans experience a significant reduction of PTSD symptoms using traditional gold standard treatment programs for PTSD.  80% of veterans experience a significant or total reduction in PTSD symptoms after participating in just one HHP retreat program. 

We use donations to offer scholarships that cover what veterans can’t, so they can participate in a retreat program as part of their recovery from PTSD without putting themselves in financial jeopardy.


Preparation includes three, one-hour, private sessions and three one-hour, group sessions with a certified coach to help set an intention for the retreat, begin the preparation process, and get answers to any questions you have about how to approach the experience.

The Retreat

Our retreats are held specifically for veterans in locations such as Peru, Mexico, or Jamaica. You’ll experience two to three plant ceremonies, on-the-ground coaching, and activities to help you connect to the beautiful environment and yourself.


It’s said that the work truly begins after you come home from your retreat.. You’ll have three, one-hour, private sessions and three one-hour, group sessions with an HHP coach to set the stage for your ongoing integration process.

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