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We are a 501-C-3 veteran organization with a mission to help as many US veterans as possible overcome PTSD and other military trauma by building a community that provides them with safe and supervised access to psychedelic programs, professional coaching, and ongoing community support.   

While our number one focus will always be the direct care of veterans, we’re working to bring our vision to life by:

  • Working with leading research organizations to develop and contribute to the growing base of psychedelic research.
  • Developing research-based resources and programs to inform and educate individuals and communities on the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.
  • Using research, data, and testimonials to counter the stigma associated with psychedelics and to advocate for changes in the laws limiting access to psychedelics programs as options
  • Not only supporting veterans, but offering the same opportunities for veteran spouses.


We envision a new veteran ecosystem where veterans not only have access to safe and effective treatment options including psychedelic programs but are also empowered to help and mentor other veterans. We strongly believe that Community has the power to solve many of the mental health challenges facing this nation’s veterans.

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Join our fight against veteran PTSD by making a tax-deductible donation that will:

  • Help a suffering veteran attend a healing retreat outside the U.S.
  • Fund research to measure and improve the effectiveness of psychedelics
  • Change society by promoting access to psychedelic research and treatment in the U.S.