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A veteran’s trauma can also traumatize their spouse. 

Symptoms can include suicide, depression, terror, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, and even addiction. As a veteran spouse, you also deserve the opportunity to heal and reconnect to a place of peace within yourself. 

HHP recently partnered with The Hope Project in order to provide psychedelic healing programs exclusively for veteran spouses and Gold Star Wives as well as coaching for the spouses of our veteran program attendees. 

“My own husband has been away for 80% of our 23-year long relationship, leaving me to raise our three boys. TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), PTSD, and multiple life-lasting injuries add up to stress and anxiety and chronic pain for the veteran. And all of that takes a further toll on the caregiver. It almost broke me. It almost broke my marriage.”  

“Plant medicine amplifies your awareness, allowing you to explore the entire spectrum of emotions and dive deeply into past experiences. You confront past traumas and encounter root causes for issues. You can find forgiveness, compassion and acceptance of all that you are. You can find that you, too, are completely deserving of love and joy and fulfillment.”

– Sofia, Military Spouse, Psychedelic Retreat Participant

The Hope Project was founded by Allison Wilson, mother of five and wife of a Navy Seal who served in the military for 16 years. 

“I know the toll that the military takes on families. For years I medicated my own depression and trauma with alcohol, benzodiazepines and antidepressants until I finally reached a place where I could not go on. My journey with psychedelic therapy and the work I continue to do very literally saved my life, my marriage and my children’s lives.” 

The Hope Project Founder, Allison Wilson