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our story

Jesse Gould, a former Army Ranger, was plagued by severe PTSD after he returned home from combat. After quitting his job as an investment banker, selling all of his possessions, and wandering the world, he found himself in an ayahuasca retreat in the jungles of Peru. To his surprise, Jesse found that his symptoms of PTSD disappeared after the retreat, and his life was forever changed. He started HHP in April of 2017 “because I wanted to give my fellow veterans a way to heal their PTSD that had worked for me.” 

Since then, Heroic Hearts Project has helped hundreds of veterans overcome their suffering from PTSD by providing them not only with access to psychedelic programs, but with professional coaching, peer support, and other resources to empower them along their healing journeys. While HHP’s number one priority is always the direct care of veterans, we’re also working tirelessly to support research and advocacy efforts to improve access to psychedelics, offer programs for veteran spouses to better nurture the entire veteran family, and foster a community in which veterans can grow and give back to others who are suffering.