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Ayahuasca Foundation logo

Ayahuasca Foundation
At Ayahuasca Foundation, Ayahuasca and the Shipibo tradition of plant medicine provide an incredibly effective way to achieve balance, harmony, and happiness. They view their way as a truly holistic approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit and use healing methods rooted in ancestral traditions, respect for nature, and plant spirit wisdom.

Beckley Retreats logo

Beckley Retreats
As part of the Beckley ecosystem, Beckley Retreats is proud to build on the work of its co-founder, Amanda Feilding. Dubbed the ‘Queen of Psychedelics’ by Forbes, The Economist, and The Financial Times, Amanda founded the Beckley Foundation in 1998 as a think tank and NGO dedicated to furthering psychedelic research and advocating for policy reform. Beckley Retreats bridges the latest scientific research with ancient wisdom traditions in order to create the richest possible experience for participants.

Bendable Therapy logo

Bendable Therapy
Bendable Therapy is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to enabling access to modern and clinically proven mental health therapies. Their mission is to make possible safe, accessible, and professional mental health services while also providing ongoing education and training and support or our community, participants, and mental health professionals.

Cora Center logo

Cora Center
Cora Center is an Oregon Health Authority- licensed psilocybin service center situated in a reimagined family home in inner NE Portland. Cora Center’s mission is to provide a space for safe, ethical, and meaningful psilocybin experiences that are culturally-attuned and community-oriented. We do this by collaborating with skilled facilitators, abiding by the highest standards of safety, and centering the wellbeing of participants throughout our work.

InnerTrek logo

InnerTrek Portland
Is an organization that offers a spectrum of accessible, professionally facilitated psilocybin care in a magical urban space, InnerTrek’s state-licensed Center for Psilocybin Services brings to Portland an ethos of hope, healing, and conscious community.

La Medicina logo

La Medicina
Nestled in the Peruvian Amazon and in partnership with the Shipibo tribe, La Medicina offers transformative ayahuasca retreats dedicated to the healing and self-empowerment of veterans. They provide a safe and supportive environment, combining ancient traditions with modern therapeutic practices to guide veterans on journeys of profound self-discovery and healing. Committed to authenticity, integrity, and compassion, La Medicina empowers individuals to awaken their inner healer and achieve lasting well-being.

Omnia Group Ashland logo

Omnia Group Ashland
Omnia Group offers a diverse range of services and options in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment. Their space is designed to encourage relaxation, serenity, and comfort as participants are supported through journeys with a licensed and experienced facilitator. Omnia is located in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, an ideal backdrop for an experience that facilitates healing, creativity, connection, and improves an overall sense of well-being.

The Mission Within logo

The Mission Within
An organization dedicated to creating a better world in which veterans and their families find purpose, healing, and growth through community. They believe healing the family will create a future free of veteran suicide and offer a 6-week clinical psychedelic program that pairs online therapy, coaching, preparation, & integration with a 4-day in-person medicine retreat.

The Red Path Spiritual Healing Retreats logo

The Red Path Spiritual Retreats
The Red Path provides carefully crafted traditional sacred medicine retreats to Non-profit organizations that serve veterans and their families, first responders and law enforcement. They provide integral support in processing and integrating each participant’s sacred medicine experience and are committed to creating and providing a sacred space for those in search of healing; a space where one feels safe and at peace. The Red Path Spiritual Healing Retreats offers a compassionate and loving venue for a return to wholeness, and offers retreats and ceremonies in a traditional manner, preserving the sacredness of the ancient rituals. Each retreat is a unique expression of the beauty and wonder that life has to offer with divine guidance and inspiration.

Psychedelic Non-profit Partners

These psychedelic-focused nonprofit organizations are working to co-create a world where psychedelics are better understood and used safely, sustainably, and ethically. We’re aligned in our goals to see psychedelic options become more broadly available to those who might benefit from them, and we are proud of the mutually supportive communities we’ve built together. 

Chacruna Institute
Chacruna’s mission is to promote reciprocity in the psychedelic community, and supports the protection of sacred plants and cultural traditions. Chacruna advances psychedelic justice through curating critical conversations and uplifting the voices of women, queer people, Indigenous peoples, people of color, and the Global South in the field of psychedelic science.

Fireside Project
Fireside Project is a nonprofit organization that focuses on education and harm reduction around the use of psychedelic substances. They’re best known for their 24/7 integration hotline that is available to support anyone experiencing a challenging psychedelic experience and those who need help integrating their psychedelic experiences. They provide veteran-specific support.

Onaya Science
Onaya Science researches Ayahuasca and other Amazonian plant medicines in partnership with Indigenous healers. Onaya has worked with HHP to study the impact of our ayahuasca retreat programs on veterans with combat and other military trauma.

Reason For Hope
Reason for Hope’s mission is to prevent deaths of despair by helping to develop and advocate for the policy and legal reforms needed to facilitate safe and affordable access to psychedelic medicine and assisted therapies. 

Reconsider is a nonprofit with a mission to bridge the medical and mystical, the sacred and scientific, and to address today’s mental health and collective challenges by advancing the integration of transformational medicines, including psychedelics.

Partners in Providing Veteran Support 

From supporting HHP directly to setting up programs dedicated to helping veterans like the ones who participate in our programs, these partners are all dedicated to improving the wellbeing of veterans by providing education, resources, and treatments to help veterans reintegrate into civilian life.

All-Secure Foundation
All Secure is focused on supporting Special Operations active duty and combat veterans, and their families, in the recovery of Post-Traumatic Stress. They do this by providing education, awareness, and resources for healing such as marriage retreats, and PTS resiliency training. They’ve been able to impact thousands of lives through their one on one coaching and couples programs.

Angel Flight West logo

Angel Flight West
AFW provides transportation for veterans to their medical appointments or therapeutic treatments at no cost to the individual. AFW also assists families and individuals escaping domestic violence and specialty camps for children.

The Mission Within
Mission Within is a 6-week clinical psychedelic program for veterans that pairs online therapy, coaching, preparation, & integration with a 4-day in-person medicine retreat. They believe that the deepest and most lasting healing happens in a community of peers, and their providers are both trauma informed and are either in or are deeply committed to

The Wisdom Dojo logo

The Wisdom Dojo
The Wisdom Dojo Provides high quality, veteran-specific meditation training in support of integration for psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Seal Future Foundation
Transitioning out of service, Navy Seals often find themselves alone and unprepared to face transitioning into civilian life. The SEAL Future Foundation provides the tools, education, and resources to help Navy Seal veterans get healthy and find their purpose post-service.

SOC-F (Special Operations Care Fund)
SOC-F was created to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of SOF families who have given so much for our country and our freedom. They do this by raising money for one incredibly worthwhile purpose: to provide medical, financial, and other support to SOF members and their families in ways that are often not met through other sources.

TOP GUN Fighter Foundation
TOPGUN Fighter Foundation aims to provide access for veteran pilots  to incredible programs that are changing lives. They are not just reducing the number of veteran suicide deaths but dramatically improving the quality of life for those that have given so much by connecting them with the resources they need to thrive.

Warrior Angels Foundation
Warrior Angels Foundation helps veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) by providing education and personalized treatment protocols. They are also a leading institution when it comes to researching and advocating for the availability of nontraditional treatment options for TBI.

Community Partners

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