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Exploring psychedelics for the treatment of Veterans

VA is committed to safely exploring all avenues that promote the health of our nation’s Veterans. In line with this goal, VA conducts studies under stringent protocols at various facilities…

Photo of Jesse Gould Can psychedelic drugs, once banned, help relieve mental illness?

Decades after most hallucinogens were outlawed as dangerous, researchers are using them to treat disorders like PTSD, depression, and addiction. Still a mystery: How they actually work.

Crowd of people listening to a speaker. One person is holding a sign that says Nature is not a crime. L.A. dispensaries openly sell ‘magic mushrooms’ as state weighs decriminalization

The cannabis dispensary in a run-down shopping center in coastal Los Angeles County offers the standard fare: pre-rolled joints, vape pens, a wide range of edibles and a selection of…

Woman making notes at a conference The Veterans Fighting to Legalize Psychedelics

After 50 years of prohibition, state legislatures in the United States are now considering decriminalizing the drugs. Full story

Benzinga logo Effects Of Psychedelic Group Ceremonies On Veterans With Traumatic Brain Injury

The non-profit Heroic Hearts Project (HHP), psychedelic retreats and healthcare company Beckley Retreats and Imperial College London (ICL)’s Centre for Psychedelic Research have partnered to advance new research on the…

Person lying on a couch in a study suite The VA looks to psychedelic drugs to help veterans suffering with PTSD and other disorders

Jesse Gould, a retired Army Ranger mortar man who was deployed to Afghanistan three times, was diagnosed with PTSD and given all the usual treatments, but none of them worked.…

Photo of Jesse Gould and Zach Riggle The Heroic Hearts Project: Veterans and The Impact of Storytelling

In this Veteran’s Day episode, Joe checks in with two members of the  Heroic Hearts Project : Founder and President, Jesse Gould, and Chief of Operations, Zach Riggle. Listen

Photo of psilocybin mushrooms We need to increase research into psychedelics for veterans with PTSD

Last year marked both the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the tragic fall of Kabul, Afghanistan; the beginning and end of a 20-year war that will forever define the current…

Screenshot from panel discussion on psychedelics YPSG Presents – Military Veterans’ Perspectives on Psychedelic-Assisted Treatments

The panel features three US military veterans, each of whom has worked for organizations that promote awareness and treatment of mental health issues among veterans, with particular emphasis on the…

Podcast promo graphic Psychedelics #2 with veterans Jesse Gould and Juliana Mercer

Join Jon and Will as they discuss psychedelics with Heroic Hearts Project founder, former Army Ranger Jesse Gould, and Sabe Chief Experience Officer, Marine Corps veteran Juliana Mercer. Listen

Photo of person smoking in the jungle ‘A Hail Mary’: Psychedelic Therapy Draws Veterans to Jungle Retreats

Ayahuasca, a vomit-inducing hallucinogenic brew, draws thousands of people each year — including former soldiers — to jungle retreats that have become an unlicensed and unregulated mental health marketplace. Full…