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What to expect

Heroic Hearts Project hosts monthly retreats and has helped hundreds of veterans suffering with PTSD to reduce or eliminate their symptoms. There is a backlog of veteran applicants for our program, so we are also raising money to scale our efforts in order to provide more retreats options. Retreats are held in countries where psychedelics are currently legal, such as Peru, Mexico, and Jamaica. HHP offers retreats for veterans, retreats for veteran spouses, and specialized research retreats.  A typical retreat is 5-7 days long and has three distinct phases:


Preparation includes three, one-hour, private sessions and three one-hour, group sessions with an HHP coach to help set an intention for the retreat, safely begin the preparation diet, and get answers to any questions you have about how to approach the experience.

The Psychedelic Retreat

Because psychedelics are currently prohibited in the U.S., our retreats are held in locations where these tools are legal, such as Peru, Mexico, or Jamaica. Each retreat is for HHP participants, with veterans in mind, and you’ll have the support of retreat facilitators, HHP liaisons/coaches, and indigenous healers. You’ll experience two to three psychedelic ceremonies (typically using ayahuasca or psilocybin), on-the-ground coaching, and activities to help you connect to the beautiful environment and yourself.


It’s said that the work truly begins after you come home from your retreat. Integration is the work of slowly making sense of your experience and understanding how the lessons you’ve learned apply to your everyday life. Although integration never truly stops, the first four weeks are critical. You’ll have three, one-hour, private sessions and three one-hour, group sessions with an HHP coach to set the stage for your ongoing integration process.

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