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HHP’s Response to ICER’s Final Report on National PTSD Awareness day

More often than not, national awareness days come and go without notice. But I truly hope that today we all take a moment to pause in reflection for National PTSD Awareness day. We are at a pivotal moment in which MDMA-Assisted Therapy, widely considered to be the most effective therapy ever developed for PTSD, may slip through our fingers. Veterans deserve better, and so do the 13 million Americans who currently suffer from PTSD.

It is bizarre that ICER chose this day of all days to release their anti-MDMA report. ICER seems to have disregarded the urgency and magnitude of suffering attributable to PTSD, which is a leading cause of our veteran suicide epidemic.

I speak as a US Army veteran, one of many thousands who were forced to travel to another country for life saving care. I remember being a teenager in school when the towers fell. I remember the solidarity I felt with all other Americans in the months and years that followed. I would be devastated to know that from that day forward more than 130,000 veterans would take their own lives within a country that remains woefully silent.

Let us not spend even one more day forgetting about our veterans and the millions of other deserving civilians who are suffering from PTSD. Let us agree to come together and understand how ICER got this so wrong. This is a sad day, but we will not be deterred.

If you are also troubled by the events please join the fight here.

**Always consider the source of the information on either side but for those who want more information on Lykos’ counter points to the report, they can be found here.