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Then there is that moment when it all clicks, hope takes the shape and form of a small flame, you breathe out a sigh of relief, you have direction, light, you have hope, you have fire, you have life. But you know that the work is only just beginning.

As he reflects on the past seven years, Devin acknowledges that healing is an ongoing process. The lessons from ayahuasca continue to unfold, offering new insights and perspectives.

Haunted by past decisions that led him to stay in the Army and the subsequent injuries that left him paralyzed, Travis’s new view of the world was shrouded by self-hatred and blame. Plant Medicine helped him address these root issues and break the cycle of anger.

“n my opinion, psychedelics are 100% the way to go if you want to really get to know yourself and you want to fall in love with yourself again. Don’t put yourself on the back burner. You are the mission”

Alex’s journey has taken her from the front lines, through her own healing process, to advocating for equitable healing for minority groups within the veteran community.

Heather’s journey is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of pain, growth, and self-discovery. It reminds us that embracing our complexities, both light and shadow, is the true essence of being human.

After a lifetime of prioritizing others, the plant medicine journey imparted a crucial revelation: to be the best for others, one must first prioritize oneself.

While the detriments of PTSD on Veterans are well-documented, a growing amount of research suggests untreated PTSD impacts a Veteran’s entire family. Luckily, there’s hope…

Chris’s experience with HHP offered him the chance to rewrite the narrative, release entrenched fears, and reframe his understanding of himself. He now helps other veterans to do the same.

In his lowest moment, he thought about swimming out into the sea so far that he’d never be able to make it back to shore. Now he’s writing love poems and helping other veterans on their path to healing using plant medicine.