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Photo of Hannah Kimyon

Hannah Kimyon

Marketing/ Communications Director

An upper Midwest native, she joined Heroic Hearts Project in 2020 as an ambassador and is now our Marketing and Communications Director. As an enthusiast of human behavior and all of its quirks, she believes it’s so important to understand the effect that mental and spiritual health has on physiological and overall wellness. After both witnessing others and having her own life-altering psychedelic experiences, she’s become a passionate advocate for education and access to these alternative healing options, especially for underserved populations like veterans. In addition to her work with HHP, Hannah is a Program Manager with Unlimited Sciences, a psychedelic research nonprofit working with Johns Hopkins University to study real-world psilocybin use and its outcomes. Professionally, Hannah’s background is in Marketing, and she’s currently the Director of Customer Success at Rentable, a marketing and leasing tech company in the rental housing space. When she’s not working, she loves painting, making music, and playing in nature with her partner and rescue pup.