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Photo of Sean Miller

Sean Miller

Director of Donor Development

Sean joins Heroic Hearts Project with extensive experience working in development for public health nonprofits and consulting for venture-backed psychedelic companies.

After buying a one-way flight to Colombia, Sean spent a year backpacking through Latin America. His trip culminated in the Northern Amazon Basin, where he lived, learned, and worked alongside indigenous leaders and healers from the Shipibo, Katukina, and Cocoma tribes. His time in the jungle showed him the potential for plant medicines to serve as catalysts of healing and spiritual growth.

Sean is intimately connected to HHP’s mission. His maternal grandfather served in the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division during World War II. Sean’s grandfather abhorred violence, but looked at his time as a member of the ski troops with great nostalgia. This contradiction sparked in Sean a fascination with military culture and made him question: Why do some soldiers go to war and experience the peak of human challenges, yet return home and miss combat? Sean’s older brother and paternal grandfather also served in the US Army.